Joseph & Sarah from Toronto

For one young couple, wanting to build their dream home in their perfect neighbourhood in Toronto, making their dreams a reality seemed beyond the realms of possibility. Until BCR were able to help out.

What was your biggest fear before building?

Our biggest fear that we had before building was not being able to build at all. We originally spoke with another building company and their initial offer was enticing. However, once plans were drawn and the final figure calculated it was way outside of our budget. We didn’t think we were ever going to be able to build our dream home.

How did Barry’s Construction overcome this fear?

Sitting on the couch one night, scrolling through the internet we came across the Barry’s Construction & Renovation Ltd webpage and download 7 things you must ask your builder guide, after reading the eBook we knew immediately something was different about this builder. We were reluctant to make a booking to meet with Quacy due to the disappointment we had with other companies but decided to give it one last go, and we are so happy we did.

How did Barry’s Construction save you?

From our very first meeting with Quacy we felt that peace of mind with such a strong focus on customer service our quality of life and attention to detail we were confident with our decision choosing Barry’s Construction as our builder.

erything we asked for was done. Every problem that came up was fixed, and every question we had was answered. The team went above and beyond our expectations, and we will be forever grateful. We were able to move in to our brand new home faster and with less hassle than originally planned with the first builder we were talking with.

What would you recommend people that are in a similar situation to you to start doing?

We look back now on the trouble we had with other companies and see it as a blessing – if this hadn’t happened we wouldn’t have ended up with such a beautiful home which we love and are proud to show off. People ask us “Would you ever build again?” and we only have one answer, “Yes but only with Barry’s Construction & Renovation Ltd.”