Busy Professional are watching their dream home being build without having to visit the site every week thanks to a new revolutionary software that keeps the builder and client on the same page and eliminates 100% of selection mistakes.

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Why choose Barry's Construction & Renovation Ltd ?

With our world leading software clients stay informed and up to date on all aspects of your build and watch your new home being built or renovate online 24/7 from your office or from anywhere in the world!

Our Mission

At Barry’s Construction & Renovation Ltd. we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure the highest standard and quality for your home while at the same time giving you contentment and solace. Our team of highly trained professionals will provide ongoing update throughout the entire process to eliminate any assumption and bewilderment from your experience. With our world leading software that we give to our clients as a part of their building experience, providing unlimited 24/7 online access to every detail of the project including budget, variation, specifications and scheduling giving the piece of mind that your project will be completed on time guaranteed.

Full Project Management Service

You can rest easy knowing that Barry’s Construction & Renovation Ltd. can provide you with a complete management service for renovating or building your new home. We can visit your property and discuss your desires for your project. We then liaise with the council and our draftsman to design your home so that it meets your requirements and all relevant statutory requirements. We also ensure the plans are engineered to the highest standard. BCR does all the running around and compliance issues for your new home.

Quality Guarantee

We are extremely passionate about what we do. Only using the highest quality materials and expert tradespeople to ensure you have a home of exceptional standard. This ensures your renovation or new custom built home is superbly finished and will satisfy even the most discerning homeowner.

Customer Care

This is our most important feature. We pride ourselves in creating happy clients. Our mission is to create a home that you love. This starts from day one and never ends. We will always be there for you and our goal is to make your building process an interactive and stress free time and for you to continue to enjoy your new home well into the future.


This is extremely important to us. We offer you access to our cutting edge software, which is specifically designed, and tailor made for your project. You can view your building schedule, selections, variations, warranty items as well as a communication portal that ensures your messages are received and answered in writing, all in one place 24/7. You will receive weekly updates and photos on your project on what is completed and what is happening next. You will never be left in the dark. You can even stay in touch with an app on your phone/tablet – allowing you to show off your new home to friends and family anytime!

Boutique Builder

Our focus is on quality construction and excellent customer service. We are very mindful of only accepting a limited number of projects per year, allowing us to give our full attention to each client and project. This ensures we are able to finish on time and on budget while creating a personalized customer experience.

Fixed Price guarantee

We want you to be confident that you have made the right choice and we give you that peace of mind by guaranteeing that your home will be beautifully finished on time and on budget!
From the moment you sign your building contract and the relevant statutory authorities have approved the construction of your home, your price will be absolute and final. No exceptions. No hidden extras. No surprises. Just one fixed price. Guaranteed!
This fixed-price guarantee means that you know exactly how much your new home or renovation is going to cost and we will never charge you a single cent more for any work outline in your proposal. Only YOU can amend your home building contract.
We are one of only a few builders who offer this assurance and we are confident in doing this because: From the Floor up, we know exactly what your new home will cost; Barry’s Construction & Renovation Ltd. Fixed Price and Time Frame Guarantees offer you peace of mind when building your home. After all, we are committed to building the most important home ever built.

Build on time guarantee

At Barry’s Construction & Renovation Ltd. we believe Time IS Money, We guarantee to complete the construction of your home on time and as agreed in your renovation or building contract or we will pay YOU for every day we run over that agreed contract period.
We are respectful of the fact that you need to make arrangements whilst your home is being built. And we know how excited you and your family are to move into your new home.
So from site commencement right through to practical completion, we will take responsibility for ensuring that the construction of your new home is given the priority it deserves.
Of course, we also know that you understand that we need to make certain allowances for delays that are be-yond our control (such as council approval delays, bad weather delays and the fact that we are closed over the Christmas / New Year period).
For all things that are within our control, we are committed to delivering your new home to you when we tell you it is going to be delivered.