5 Benefits of Building a New Custom Home

When we think of buying a home, we think of the financial ease being the main reason we purchase an existing home. There are many benefits to purchasing an existing home, and those reasons can vary from person to person. In Durango especially, we have found that the market for pre-existing homes has definitely become more limited. Building a custom home on property is becoming more and more frequent. There are so many great benefits to building a new home that is built to your custom specifications. Read below to find out our top 5 reasons for building a custom home:

  • Energy efficiency: Custom-built homes can allow for updated technologies that provide greater energy efficiency. Better windows, better insulation options, passive solar and more, all contribute to the long-term benefits of having a custom-built home. Energy efficiency is a standard in most custom-built homes, but you can take your new home construction even further by incorporating energy-saving technologies like solar panels too.
  • Custom Appliances: Being able to add the appliances and features that you prefer can help you save more money in the long run. Picking out the appliances and customizing them to fit your needs for your family is a huge benefit to building a new custom home. Buying an existing home may cost you more money when you factor in that walls, wiring, drains or pipes may need to change to accommodate your updated, energy-efficient appliances.
  • Privacy: Building a custom home to your specifications can maximize your privacy. Your custom home builder and architect can help you figure out which orientation is the most beneficial for achieving the results you want for the amount of privacy that you need. They can also help you come up with creative ways to maximize natural light and views, while still maintaining a private layout for your home. Purchasing an existing home may not yield as much privacy as you’d expect.
  • Saving money: It will cost less building your own home than buying the finished product. You can count on saving at least 10% by building your own home. For example, a new home that would sell for $2,000,000 would cost you only $1,800,000 if you were to buy the lot and hire a professional builder.
  • Sentimental Value: The ability to build the home of your dreams from the ground up is the major benefit of new custom home construction. Everything in the home right down to the electrical wiring has been installed based on your specific preferences. The emotional value of having a custom built home is insurmountable. Creating a custom home to fit your family, your needs and your lifestyle are all great reasons to invest in property for your custom home.

When you take into consideration that you may want to live in your dream home for several years (or even decades), taking the time to make sure every detail perfect meets your wishes and needs is well worth it. Building a custom home can take a little longer than buying an existing one, but you won’t be disappointed when you get the keys to a house that opens the door to the possibilities you’ve always dreamed about. Barry's Construction & Renovation Ltd. is committed to making sure that your dreams come true when it comes to new custom home construction. As a company, we pride ourselves in making sure that every step of the way is as easy as possible for you. We use cutting-edge technology, upscale design and efficient project management techniques as part of our building methods.

Our promise to you

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