Start by doing your initial research online.

Check out builders’ websites and Facebook pages looking at their reviews, customer testimonials, the information they are providing and the organizations they belong to.

Narrow it down to a list of no more than 3 custom builders who specialize in renovations.

Make contact via their website contact us form and by calling their office number and leaving a message.

Use a different name for each enquiry you make so that you can check that they respond both by email and phone in a timely manner.

Builders who have poor communication with their clients also tend to have poor communication with their suppliers and subcontractors, which tend to lead to delays on site.

At this stage you are looking for reasons to disqualify a builder from your shortlist if they don’t get back to you in a reasonable time frame either by phone or email.

For the builders that do respond, invest 15- 20 minutes into an initial phone conversation.

Expect a professional builder to be asking you a lot more questions than you ask them at this stage, so they can understand your desired end result.

If you feel comfortable the next ideal step will be to progress to an onsite meeting.


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