Our unique process has two primary goals.

To design the home of your dreams at a price you can afford.

To make sure that your home gets built to our high standards, because you didn’t start this process just to end up with a sketch in a drawer.

Step 1 - Consultations

Tell Us Your Vision
Site Analysis
Concept Development
Concept Design

We want to understand your dream and how you’d love to live. To start your project, you’ll meet with one of our award-winning designers who will help interpret your needs. You might bring in a Pinterest board, an Instagram feed, a Houzz album or pictures cut from magazines to give us a starting point. But you don’t have to. It’s our job to ask the right questions.
Part of the discussion will be a lifestyle analysis because it’s not just about how your home will look, it’s about how you’ll enjoy living in it.
Whether you have ideas already or you’re looking for guidance, we’re here to help you travel from a blank sheet of paper to the home you’ll build. It’s what we do.

Step 2 - Design Development

Working Drawings
3D Virtual Reality
Access To Our Online Portal
Interiors / Specifications

Now that your concept design and preliminary building costs meet your requirements, we can start the detailed design documentation.
We use a combination of the latest materials and a holistic approach to design, so we can offer you choices that can make your home more comfortable, economical and efficient to run.
As part of the design development you will also begin your journey to choosing your colour palette and custom finishes. Our professional interior designers will also help guide you to create a cohesive finish that suits your style, lifestyle and budget.
You will be added to our 24/7 online client access system from our website for you to view online product selections and the preliminary construction stages of your project.

Step 3 - Construction

Building Permit Approval
Let's Build
Welcome home

Once all the above steps are completed and permits are obtained, the construction can start.
We stand behind our designs when it comes to city approvals. If the city doesn’t approve your design, we’ll make the adjustments necessary to meet their objections at no additional design cost to you.
We will also monitor every stage of the construction, making sure your home is being built exactly to the design you’ve approved and to our high standards.
You may not build homes every day, but we do, so you won’t be wondering whether you might be missing something. Our project co-ordinators don’t miss anything.
For additional peace of mind, we also commission an independent defects inspection before the completion of each home or renovation.